Our latest hospital information system HEDA (Health Enterprise Data and Applications) is a modern web-based hospital information system (HIS) designed to make healthcare services smooth and quick.

HEDA fully supports patient treatment and administration, starting from resource planning and first interaction with a patient up to discharge, including treatment and billing flows and advanced reporting HEDA supports widespread international standards, classifiers, and nomenclatures (SNOMED, ICD, LOINC, HL7, FHIR, etc.).

Under the leadership of Gennet Laboratories, the participation of best practices and experts both private
and public sector in the design, development and implementation of the Medical Platform is ensured. A consortium of Estonian companies and experts specialising in the development of e-health solutions
offers a set of solutions tested both in Estonia and abroad.

We collaborate strategically with industry leaders to overcome complex problems, discover new
possibilities and design solutions that are ready for the future. Our motivation is to help your organization succeed in its objectives—technical, clinical, and business—now and in the long term.