Gennet visited India’s Minister of Economic Affairs and IT

Gennet Laboratories took part of the recent visit to India by Estonia’s Minister of Economic Affairs and Information Technology, Tiit Riisalo, accompanied by a strong business delegation, marks an important step in Estonia’s journey towards global economic expansion. Centered around the Vibrant Gujarat Summit, this strategic trip not only transcended diplomatic formalities but also delved deep into strengthening trade ties, exploring new cooperation opportunities, and showcasing Estonia’s advanced technological capabilities.

Minister Tiit Riisalo emphasized the significance of shared values, highlighting the need for democracies to engage in deeper collaboration and communication. He highlighted India’s important role for Estonia and expressed the hope to strengthen diplomatic and economic relations.

The Vibrant Gujarat Summit itself was an important point of the visit, with Minister Riisalo delivering a keynote address that underscored Estonia’s journey from a nascent digital society to a leading technological powerhouse.

Xenia Joost, Head of the Asian Region at Enterprise Estonia, emphasized the growing Indian economy’s significance and Estonia’s commitment to nurturing enduring collaborations between companies from both nations.

CEO Gennet Laboratories Egon Veermäe introduced in his how the technology can improve healthcare.