Egon Veermäe

With over two decades of influential leadership across the realms of digitalization and public service, I’ve dedicated my career to transforming organizations and government services through pioneering digital strategies.

My journey began with more than 20 years of invaluable management experience, primarily focusing on spearheading digitalization in the public sector. My tenure at the Tax and Customs Board under the Ministry of Finance spanned over 15 years, where I played a pivotal role in architecting and implementing revolutionary e-tax systems. This journey contributed significantly to establishing one of the world’s most
efficient tax administrations.

Transitioning to the Estonian Social Insurance Fund under the Ministry of Social Affairs, I assumed the role of Director General, charged with the mission of revolutionizing and modernizing the organization. Under my guidance, the institution witnessed a groundbreaking transformation, marked by the introduction of proactive services that redefined social insurance.

Beyond the public sector, I’ve leveraged my expertise as a consultant, collaborating with numerous private companies. My contributions as a high-ranking executive involved steering companies towards the creation of cutting-edge digital products and services, nurturing a customer-centric approach to digitalization.

My expertise lies in orchestrating organizational change, leading digitalization initiatives, and cultivating a culture of innovation. I possess a profound understanding of digital strategies, customer orientation, sales, and the intricate landscape of digital transformation.

Throughout my career, I’ve been at the forefront of reshaping government e-services, pioneering the implementation of transformative infrastructures like the X-Road. My passion for driving digital evolution and my commitment to pushing boundaries continue to define my professional journey.

Egon Veermäe - Gennet e-health CEO